Pope Shenouda choir


Is a choir from the Church “Suryal the Angel” and “Marmina” in Omrania, Giza. Also, it is the first choir named after His Holiness Pope Shenouda after his death. The choir consisted of university student of a simple number not more than 10 individuals and the number has become more than fifty individuals now. Began from 5 years and entered in church competitions and won first place four times at the level of Giza in the St. Mark Evangelical Festival and it represented the Giza Choir in the centenary celebrations Sunday schools in the presence of His Holiness the Pope, it also participates in the church occasions with large operas at Christmas and Easter such as the Fourth Magi Operetta and the manuscript of birth and Panorama Steel. The choir recorded and composed several songs on international music, and is reviving hymns in a new form; especially the Coptic Orthodox music.

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 15 Round