Madangit Singh: 1924 - 2013 - India

An Indian diplomat, artist and great thinker, he served as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for many years. He is considered one of the most prominent Indian world-renowned writers. He has authored a large number of books on arts and related subjects, wrote the documentations of UNESCO's programs, which are considered milestones in this field. He joined the Indian diplomatic corps in 1953 and worked as a diplomat for his country in more than one country, in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe, including Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Laos, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, the Soviet Union and Vietnam, before joining UNESCO in 1982.

His long history testifies to his struggle to achieve equality and freedom, volunteering to serve humanity, his interest in spreading and promoting the values ​​of tolerance, and his relentless work to consolidate them. This effort culminated in the unanimous endorsement in 1995 by the Executive Board of the UNESCO “Madanjit Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Nonviolence,” which is awarded every two years, in recognition of his lifelong dedication to the cause of community harmony and peace. Emphasizing what UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura said in the eulogy for Madangit Singh: “Mr Singh’s personal commitment to promoting culture, dialogue, mutual understanding and peace has been an important source of inspiration to peoples of many different nations, cultures and religions.” The fifteenth session of the Samaa International Festival of Chanting and Spiritual Music honors him in recognition of his efforts in promoting these noble goals, and in commemoration of his memory.

The great artist/ Uzayr Hajibeli (1885-1948) Azerbaijan

A genius artist standing at the forefront of those who left their musical imprints in the world in general, and the Islamic Caucasus in particular. His various works gained wide fame in the world more than a century ago, and he played an important role in the development of choral music and vocal symphonies, until he became a pioneer in this field. He developed his work in the field of choral and music, especially those related to lofty human feelings, until he put the first opera in the Islamic Caucasus in 1908. In 1909 he put an opera based on the works of "Sheikh Sinan". And between 1910 and 1915 he composed four more operas, which he took from the music of “maqam”, which is one of the types of music in Azerbaijan. Uzayr Hajibeli composed the music for the national anthem of the first democratic republic in the East Caucasus, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which was established during the period from 1918 to 1920. Today, it is the official national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

His name went down in history as the founder of the first music school, the Union of Azerbaijani Composers, the Institute of Arts, and the Higher Institute of Music. Moreover, he is widely recognized as the greatest social writer, teacher, editor, and most prominent researcher in the history of Azerbaijani and East Caucasian music. His musical, literary and scientific heritage is a spiritual wealth of Azerbaijan. UNESCO celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant musician "Uzayr Hajibeli" with a solemn image. Every year, Azerbaijan hosts the “Uzayr Hajibeli” International Music Festival, in which famous musicians from all over the world participate. And this year, the 15th Samaa International Festival of Chanting and Spiritual Music honors him, not only as one of the musical icons in the Islamic Caucasus, but also as one of the most prominent creators who have dedicated their efforts to preserving the national and spiritual music of this region.

Sheikh/ Abdul Jawad Muhaisen Tunisia

Sheikh Abdul Jawad Muhaisen, one of the most important followers of Sufi recitation since the seventies. He was a student at the hands of the sheikhs of Hadra, including "Al-Bashir Al-Muahli", "Othman Al-Andari", "Al-Hadi Al-Na'am", "Ezz Al-Din Bin Mahmoud" and others.

Since he was fifteen years old, he has emerged as an important member of many religious sects, in the direction of Bab al-Qawas and Bab Suwayqa, before he formed his own religious chanting group, at the age of twenty, to launch his career with salutations, praises, remembrances and Quranic readings.

Over the decades, Sheikh Abdul Jawad Muhaisen presented and still presents a Sufi musical repertoire of Tunisian heritage, such as Qadiriyah, the Prophet’s biography and Quranic stories: the biography of Joseph, Mary, as well as the lullaby that characterized all his religious performances, in addition to his production of more than 30 special religious songs. , by Tunisian poets and composers, most notably "Mounir Al-Ayadi", "Adel Sultan", "Yassin Saeed", "Yassin Al-Zinaidi" and others.

Artist/ Sabah Zidani Morocco

She studied Solfege at the Conservatory of Marrakech and joined the choir of the University (Al Qadi Ayyad) in Marrakech since the 1990s. A founding member of the musical group "Josoor". She is a member of the "Music of the Atlas" Association, and the Association of Friends of Muwashahat.

She made many artistic tours, in Morocco and France. In 1995, she won the Stars Program competition award on Moroccan television. In 2001, she won the Moroccan Song Festival award. She has many distinguished religious songs. She presented a distinguished participation in the eleventh edition of the Samaa International Festival for Chanting and Spiritual Music in Cairo. She re-presented the songs of the great Arab singers: Umm Kulthum, Warda, Fairouz, Najat Al Saghira, and others.

She participated in many local and international music festivals, including: "Layali Al Sharq" festival in Dijon, France, in its two sessions, 2008 and 2010, "Aswat" festival in Casablanca in 2013, and "Boubilan" cultural and artistic festival in Taza, in 2015. She also gave a concert at the Arab World Institute in Paris with the "Josoor" group in 2010.

Singer Sabah Zidani has conducted several vocal workshops.


Reverend/ Antonios Ibrahim Ayyad Egypt

The name by birth, Anton Ibrahim Ayad, one of the members of the choir of deacons of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the son of the chief chanter Ibrahim Ayad, head deacon, special chanter for Pope Kerolos VI, Pope Shenouda III, and Pope Tawadros II, may God perpetuate his life.

A request was submitted by the artist "Intissar Abdel-Fattah" to His Holiness Pope "Shenouda III", requesting the participation of deacons of the church in the International Peace Message Corps, and it was approved and blessed. Then the request was renewed for His Holiness, Pope Tawadros, and it was approved and blessed, with the participation of the group of deacons under the supervision of Deacon "Anton Ibrahim Ayad", since 2007 until now.

He was chosen to be a priest at the Church of (The Virgin Mary and Archdeacon Habib Gerges) in the new city of Obour.

The deacons have participated in many concerts in institutions set up by the artist "Intissar Abdel Fattah", including the International Peace Message Ensemble, the Samaa International Festival, since its establishment, and the Forum of Religions.

Special Tribute The Talented Actress Samira Abdel Aziz

The Talented Actress

Samira Abdel Aziz

Arabic language guard

She participated in presenting the International Samaa Festival for Chanting and Spiritual Music over the previous sessions with her sweet, beautiful, distinguished voice...