Sheikh Abdelbaset Abdelsamad

Born in the 1st of January 1927, in the village of Mara’za that belongs to Armant city in Luxor governorate, south Egypt.

When he turned 16 his father sent him to recite and memorize Quran along with his brothers Mahmoud and Abdelhameed. The little boy had a lot of talents, which were a quick ability in memorizing, wittiness, and a beautiful voice.

He is considered a leader of a new school in reciting the Quran due to his beautiful soothing voice. He was known for his balance in religion that he was never an extremist, he was calm, not talkative, a good listener, and he had an ear for music and singing voices.

Ahmed Bahgat

Born in 15 November 1932, then died in 11 December 2011.

Humanity is one of the phrases in this world, humanity in his ways of dealing with all creatures. He loved animals and studied their science, then wrote his book “Animals’ Stories in Quran” which was translated into many languages and is now being the topic of the master’s degree research paper of an Italian researcher. Ahmed Bahgat used to write in his own column “The world’s box” in Alahram newspaper, in which he wrote his observations of the changes of the Egyptian and Arabic society for more than 40 years. Ahmed Bahgat also wrote 40 books that differ in content all the way from Sufi literature to travel literature to sarcastic writing, short stories, and children literature. His great work included: God’s prophets, God in Islam, Oceans of love in Sufism, A husband’s diary, A faster’s diary, a face in the crowd, the road to God, etc...

He wrote many radio shows as well, like: Two words only for the legend Fouad Almohandes. He also wrote three movies, like: a woman from Cairo, The Miserables, Alsadat’s days. As well as, many tv series like: Alf Leyla wa Leyla, and a husband’s diary. 

Gamal Salama

Gamal Salama is one of the biggest composers, who presented a full history of memorable music collaborated with singers from the golden era of music in Egypt.

He grew up in an artistic family in Alexandria, his father Hafez Ahmed Salama was a symphony composer, his brother was also a composer and an instrumentalist in Om Kalthoum's band, and the rest of his family were all working in the artistic field. Salama started his artistic career in 1970, in which he traveled in a musical scholarship to study classical music in Russia. He was tutored by the international musician Aram Khachaturian Tchaikovsky. Salama composed a collection of religious songs which were chanted by Yasmine Alkhayam in the musical entrees and finales of the series "Mohamed Allah's Prophet" and "A son's hour of piety" which has a huge deal of expression that differs from the traditional religious chanting that mainly uses percussion.  He won a lot of international awards, most importantly the best music award for the movie "I Need a Solution" in 1975 at the competition that was coordinated by the ministry of culture for movies in 1975. He also composed a lot of music pieces for Egyptian movies and series in the 80s that are still memorable. Gamal got the highest degree in music composing that is equivalent to a PHD from the Conservatoire in Mosco, he also obtained the diploma of the national institute of music conservatoire in Cairo, worked as a faculty member in Cairo's conservatoire at the arts academy, and worked as a member of the music committee of the supreme council of culture.

Yasmine Alkhayam

Is the daughter of Alshaikh Mahmoud Khalil Alhossary, and was famously known as Yasmine Alkhayam.She started her career by presenting a poem for Imam Alboussery in the art feast in 1976 while the president Anwar Alsadat was attending, and after that she participated in many religious and patriotic celebration. Yasmine got her Bachelor’s degree in arts with philosophy and psychology major. She later joined the Arts Academy for free studies in 1976 and Alazhar University for religion origins in 1998, followed by obtaining a PHD in the field of Islamic studies from Cambridge University for sciences. She obtained an honoring PHD from builders of the future international academy in the field of humanitarian sciences. She is considered the peace and continuous development ambassador in Long Live Egypt’s media association. Yasmine presented many religious and patriotic songs that stayed in the Egyptian people’s mind for its distinctive excellence. Yasmine also worked with many composing gurus like Mohamed Abdelwahab, Alsunbaty, Yagh Hamdy, Ammad Alsheree’y, and Mohamed Almougy. As well as, poetry gurus like Abdelfattah Moustafa, Abdelwahab Mohamed, Salah Jaheen, Alabnoudy, and Maamoun Alshennawy. She also did a lot of charity activities inside and outside Egypt, as well as, participating in many international conferences in which she has been honored by many presidents, like: Burqeeba the Tunisian president, and king Hussein of Jordan.

HG bishop Dr. Yuhannah Thabet Qaltah

Born in Suhag, obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from Cleric Faculty in Maadi in 1960. Obtained a bachelor’s degree in literature from Cairo University in 1965, also a master’s degree in literature titled: The heritage in French culture through Taha Hussien’s literature. Obtained a PHD from Cairo’s University under the title: “French Orientalists study of Arabic poetry” in 1981, he is a former professor in Arts Academy and in the American University in Cairo 1980-1986 until he was declared a bishop. He is now the president of the council of churches of the middle east for the catholic church, the president of the Episcopal committee for media and press of the catholic church, the president of the episcopal committee for Christian-Islamic dialogue, president of the Egyptian catholic committee for justice and peace, member of the syndicate of journalists, and author of many books like: Jesus in the holy Quran, Thorns of the spirit, Jesus is an invitation for freedom, The human is the case.. the human is the solution, hungry souls, the trinity, A priest’s diary in the countryside, The Christ won’t leave the world, Coptics... where are they going, and Humans are a miracle.

Mother Teresa

Agnes Gunkza Bugaksio aka Mother Teresa, one of the most humane people in the 20th century, people call her “the saint of the poor”

An Albanian nun who devoted her life to helping the poor and needy in India, she established the “loving nuns” association in 1950. Which took care of the homeless children, and then her services expanded in taking care of the needy from all over the world. Teresa won so many appreciation awards, like Ramon’s award for peace in 1962, Lal Nehro jewels award for peace in 1969, and a Nobel peace prize in 1979. In 2016, Pope Francis lifted mother Teresa’s rank to a saint in an event made in the Vatican to celebrate her humanitarian actions. The 5th of September has been declared an official feast in the Vatican which is her memorial’s date. The United nation’s former Secretary General Xavier Perez De Cuéllar said about Teresa: “She is the real untied nations.. she is the peace in this world”.