Hamed Gebriel Saad Korem


The scientific research which over seen by me:

Development techniques for casting huge bronze sculpture – doctorat degree.

Plastic values of the relief sculpture in the space – masters degree.

The forming techniques with papers paste master degree.

The research were discussed with others

Color and its variety in the structure of ceramic open air sculpture _doctorate degree.

The contemporary sculpture of child garden – master's degree.

Collective exhibitions:

General exhibition in Cairo – several sessions .

Exhibition of professor of faculty of fine arts – Mahmoud said Museum – Alexandria .

Yearly salon – Atelie of Alex – several sessions.

Matrouh International of granite sculpture symposium – 2007.


Hall of conference in Cairo.

The implementation of the work of sculptural top  copper hammer – Magawaish village – hotel of Aida beach – with others .

Wood sculptures colored and enlayed with copper hotel Aida beach – with others.

Sculptural works in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia – with others  .

21th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium