Weaam ali Omar


AD Academic Qualifications:

 -Bachelor of Art Education, Helwan University in 2011 with a grade of privilege honors

-Graduate student expression surround Department, Faculty of Technical Education, Helwan University. Affiliation:


 Participation by the opposition:

• Photo printing between composition and rhythm Cairo Atelier 2011 .

•Salon Tiny Art Center plant in 2013.

• revive Revolution Exhibition Talaat Harb Cultural Center 2012 .

• Salon exhibition makers first life of the Fine Arts "exhibition arts civilization Arts Hall of Al-Ahram newspaper (ceramics) 2013 .

•Art Education Salon exhibition Patelah Cairo 2011 .

• Earth photocopy gallery Giza Culture Center 2013 .

•Exhibition entitled "Sculptures from Heritage" Giza Culture Center 2013 .

•Middle East Salon first Patelah Cairo

21th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium