Shoruq Helal


Sherouk is a young Visual artist, born on the 9th of March 1993. Graduated from the faculty of fine arts sculpture department class 2016. Sherouk is interested in the idea of transition, the transformation from one phase into another. The process of creating alter worlds… transforming the fabric of life itself.

  • 2016Took part in ‘Sculpture now exhibition’ atDarb1718, (wooden sculpture ‘Casandra’).
  • 2016   Took part in an exhibition in Switzerland called‘Mobili te tat ta ty’(APCD Foundation), The video art ‘Once Upon a Time’ was exhibited in collaboration with Claire Liengme as part of her project about documenting Egyptian artists.
  • 2015 Took part in ‘wise monkeys’ exhibition with aVideo art called ‘Once Upon a time’, as a product of a contemporary art workshop with ‘Studio Khana’ (an independent artistic group).
  • 2015Took Part in ‘Trasina’ exhibition for young youth In Alexandria.
  • 2015Took part in ‘Ebdaa’ exhibition for young youth.
  • 2014 Writer and director of ‘Paracosm’ (an abstract theatre play).
22th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium