Mohamed El Labban


Degree: a diploma in art criticism from the arts academy.

More information: a member in the fine arts union and the national and arts organizations in Egypt.


1997: An exhibition in Qalyoubya government in the occasion of its national day.

1998: A collective exhibition in the youth ministry.

1999: "The dream" "el helm": a collective exhibition in "Horus" hall in the faculty arts. 

2000:"Before departure" "kabl al raheel": a collective exhibition in the Helwan University.

2000 to 2001: A collective exhibition in the Cairo sports club.

2004: The16th youth saloon.

2005: The 17th youth saloon.

2005: Rateb Sadeek exhibition for photography in Cairo atelier

2006: "Under the bridge" "that el kobry": Sawy cultural wheel youth festival

2007: solo exhibition in Cairo atelier.

2008: "where are you" collective exhibition"Egypt, USA and Switzerland "inSwitzerland cultural center

2008: The 19th youth saloon.

2008: A collective exhibition in portrait gallery.

2009: international exhibition in helwan cultural palace.

2009: The 32nd general exhibition 2nd festival of fine creation in Cairo.

2012: The 34rd general exhibition in Cairo.

2013: 1st saloon of harmcity artistes.

2013  A collective exhibition in " el hanger art center "

2014  A collective exhibition in " el hanger art center "

2015  A collective exhibition in " mahmud  mokhtar museum "

2015 A collective exhibition in " Picasso art gallery in zamalek "

2015 A collective exhibition in " mosco – Russia 

21th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium