Name: Ethiopian National Theatre
Country: Ethiopia
About: It is considered one of the most important Ethiopian artistic bands. It is the first Ethiopian folk band to perform in Egypt during the past 20 years. It is affiliated to the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Band performs all types of Ethiopian traditional arts, combining Ethiopian folklore and the arts of dancing and singing. It operates under the auspices of the state for preserving the arts of different Ethiopian tribes and promoting them locally and internationally in addition to performing in national celebrations. The band has represented Ethiopia internationally in a large number of international cultural activities, the most important of which were held in China, South Sudan, South Korea, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, India and Qatar.

Name: The folkloric ballet band
Country: Mexico
About: The folkloric ballet band affiliated to the Labor Union was established in Hidalgo, Mexico in 2008 under the supervision of Professor Moessez Hernandees Abreego with the objective of shedding light on laborers’ talents through folkloric dance shows. The band was a great success in different areas and counties in Bashwa and Hidalgo. The band made several tours to Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Peru. It also participated in the International Folklore Festival in Latin America where it performed several folk dances, representing the popular heritage.

Name: “Asy Sianty Mexico” band
Country: Mexico
About: “Asy Sianty Mexico” band’s performances combine innovation with the conventional Mexican heritage. Their dances are accompanied with magnificent beats and tunes of drums, the violin, guitar, tuba, bass guitar, saxophone and percussion instruments which are played brilliantly by its band members in harmony with the dancers’ moves. The music played by them includes Mexican masterpieces as La Bianca/ Lavikina by Besame Mucho, Nino Bernardino and other Mexican songs that express the most beautiful Mexican folklore attributes.

Country: Russia
About: The band was established in 1997 by young choreographers who engaged talented academic students. In spite of the band’s short history when compared with other Russian bands, it succeeded in a short interval to adopt a distinct artistic program that presents the most popular Russian folk dances, especially those of the Kazan region. The band is famous for performing dances of the Falgu River which are about 1000 years old. The band is composed of 32 dancers in addition to 12 musicians. It is considered to be the only band in the Povolgie region that is capable of performing all folk dances, in addition to classical ballet and performances that combine between the past and the present. The band performed in many countries, including Malta, Taiwan, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany.

Country: Ghana
About: The band was established by Peter Aaseeny in 2001 to preserve and present the African heritage in general and the Ghanaian heritage in particular through the artistic expression of dancing and singing. It also utilizes its performances to highlight social problems and ways to solve them, which drove several international organizations to support it and to host its performances. The band participated in a large number of national Ghanaian celebrations and represented Ghana in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and South Korea. It is composed of 25 dancers and musicians who perform different Ghanaian and West African tribal traditions.

Name: Pancha Thurya Nada
Country: Sri Lanka
About: The Troupe consists of eight young drummers selected from different region, and combines in to one ensemble. All the members of the troupe have participated in many national level cultural events organized by the ministry of Cultural and the Arts during the past five years The performance by Sri Lanka drummers exhibits an away of Sri Lanka traditional drummers, percussion and wind instruments. This traditional orchestra is known as the « Pancha Thurya Nada» and consists of five types of instruments. The repertoire includes compositions based on ancient rhythms played at auspicious, which playing the drums then making their dynamic performance a complete choreographic experience.

Name: Yan Shamidang
Country: South Korea
About: Yan Shamidang band was established in Anshion city in 1992. It gained great fame owing to the spectacular talents of its musicians and their great artistic abilities. It mainly performs different Korean folk arts including singing, dancing, and playing creative music using percussion instruments. It also provides educational classes for teaching music and for preserving classical music. The band is keen on exploring innovative ways to introduce Korean music and to promote it worldwide. The band utilizes conventional arts to serve the society and to introduce the Korean culture to different countries.

Name: The Golden Wand Group
Country: Burundi
About: It is one of the most important groups in Burundi. It became very popular owing to the unique skills of its music performers. Its shows are inspired by traditional music that are presented in a contemporary form of art, to reflect the popular Burundian traditions.

Name: Zomableo Folk Dance Band
Country: Togo
About: No one can ignore the importance of culture and that of general music in particular, in the panouissement of the human being. Veritable way to vehicle messages of various kinds, music is also an attic precious conservation and cultural values of each identity of Community. Based on this observation, year (2007) Artistic International Amenouveve AAIA was born back its founder Mr. OLUFADE Adessondji Felix when its art turns into all over his native TOGO. He had met several troops, companies and associations in traditional artists with talent to do good international and national festivals. Back to resident city, he created Association (AAIA). It has a training center for musicians to help the Modernization of African rhythms; motivate Togolese to interest to folk music. Make famous African music, especially of the Togo to international scale In his palmary, performance has participated many seminars and workshops for artistic and national .It had had awards, Primes and certificates of each turn. It is always ready to represent his country in any condition, because it has talented artists, professionals and also materials, accoutrements, costumes and instruments. The Association is recognized by the Togolese authorities.

Name: Ras Rani Group
Country: Maldives
About: Ras Rani Group performs Traditional Maldivian Dance items with local instruments which represents Maldivian Culture at very best. The group has performed beyond borders of Maldives at several countries . The group comprises of both genders and has been much dedicated in presenting Maldives within country and abroad for its touching and humorous dances cultural performances.

Name: Kauno santaka
Country: Lithuania
About: Concert institution “Kauno santaka” was established on 01 October 2012 after merging the music ensemble “Ainiai”, brass band “Ąžuolynas” and Kaunas Bigband. Institution focuses on the main objectives of activity: to foster, create and develop the culture and traditions of playing professional music by brass and national instruments, playing jazz music; to play classical and modern pieces of Lithuanian and foreign composers; to creatively convey values of the global and Lithuanian music culture; to allow young talented and recognised Lithuanian and global performers and their groups to engage in creative activities of the institution; to introduce the art of Lithuanian and other ethnic music in Lithuania and abroad; to educate, shape and satisfy the need of musical culture in society

Name: The Jordanian organization Omon.
Country: Jordan
About: Al Badia Al Ordonia band was established in 2002 by the Jordanian organization Omon. Back then, it was composed of about 40 individuals. In 2010, the band was proclaimed by its present name Omon Jordanian Organization for arts and heritage. The band participated in most of the folkloric events in Jordan, the most important of which are Jarash Festivsl, Shbeeb Festival, Al Fahis Festival, Amman Summer Festival, Child Festival, Karak Cultural Festival and Al Azrak Festival. It also participated internationally in Babel International Festival in Iraq, Baghdad the Capital of Arabic Culture Festival in Iraq, Al Mahaba International Festival in Syria, the League of Arab States Festival in India, International Lebanon Festival in Lebanon, Mossem Tantan Festival in Morocco, Al Taktoka Al Gabaleya Festival in Tanga, Morocco, and the International Dance Festival in Algeria. The band is famous for performing Jordanian heritage dances as Al Hojeeny, Al Gofeya, Al Samer Al Ordoni, Al Daheya, a variety of local Dabka dances, and Jordanian wedding shows.

Name: Cultural Association of Filippoupoli
Country: Greece
About: The Cultural Association of Filippoupoli is located in the city of Larissa, central Greece. The Association was established in 1975 by a group of people feeling nostalgia for their home country in North Thrace having as a main goal to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the region of Eastern Romilia. The group has successfully participated in traditional festivals not only in Greece but also abroad promoting in this way the tradition and the customs of Eastern Romilia.

Name: Al Bahangra Group for Folk Arts
Country: India
About: It is one of the most popular Indian bands specialized in singing, dancing and performing conventional music. Its members have inherited the art of music and the dancing from their ancestors since their early childhood. The band performs different types of music, most importantly Al Bahangra, besides other traditional types of music related to the heritage of villages and rural and desert areas, in addition to traditional dancing and fashion shows. The band, which has represented India abroad in more than one occasion, is directly supported by the Indian Center for Cultural Relations for preserving the inveterate Indian cultural heritage.

Name: Daey El-Nada Group from Indonesia
About: The band was established in the Indonesian capital Jakarta in 2003 by Nur Akhiari to comprise a large number of students interested in traditional arts and music. At the beginning, the band only performed religious songs. Owing to its great success after moving to Cairo and joining the groups performing at Kubbet Al-Ghouri under the management of Entissar Abdel-Fattah, the group started to present all types of Indonesian heritage. The band’s uniqueness lies in its performance of music using human vocals instead of instruments and for singing in Arabic and English as well through Acapella type of music. The group participated in a wide range of cultural events worldwide, including China, Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Name: El Asa El Zahabea
Country: Algeria
About: The band was established in 2007 along with the establishment of the cultural folk dance organization, to which it is affiliated, in order to preserve the Algerian heritage and present it in an attractive artistic way, as well as to use art as a means of communication with different cultures from all over the world. The band represented Algeria in a large number of international cultural events, the most important of which are the International Folk Dance Festival in Ukraine in 2008, the International Folk Dance Festival in Russia in 2012 and the International Folk Dance Festival in Algeria, Sidi Belebas in 2013, in addition to participating in international activities held in Algeria, mainly the International Folk Dance Festival in Sidi Belebas and the Local Cultural Festival in Tibaza in 2014. The band distinctively performs most of the Algerian folklore, especially Al Alawy and Al Nahary dances.

Name: The Cultural and Social Association Ashwaq
Country: Algeria
About: Ashwaq band was established in 1990 to be affiliated to the Cultural Center of Tareq bin Ziad Eldabdaba Bashar. It took part in the National Festival for Singing Groups In Tesmeselt (1994--1995) and presented cultural nights during the National Holy Quran Week (2001 - 2002) as well as during the First National Chanting and Praise Days in Sakikda (2003) led by the great music composer Nobly Fadel and the popular singer Mohamed Sermini (from Syria). It earned for itself first place at the Fourth National Chanting and Praise Days in Sakikda (2006) led by the famous singer Mustafa Elgaafary (from Lebanon)

Name: Yerivan Drums
Country: Armenia
About: Yerivan Drums Band is one of the unique bands not only in Armenia but also in the surrounding region. It only includes female performers and is classified as a carnival and parade musical band. It was established in 2009 and includes 21 drum players whose ages range from 15 to 23 years old. Since most of the band members are selected from specialized musical schools, they are able to provide spectacular performances in utmost harmony. The band participated in most national celebrations held in Armenia in the past years. It also represented Armenia in a large number of international events, especially in Russia and Georgia. It is the band’s first time to perform in Egypt and the Middle East region.

Country: Nigeria
About: ‹Shakara› is a pulsating integration of the Nigerian cultural diversity in performance. An attempt is made at presenting some of the varying ethnic songs, music and dances within the same performance space. The expectation is for the hitherto unyielding artforms to share a common splendour without ultimately losing their inherent identities and essence. The concept is the traditional African festival which is a sheer splendour of performance as well as for spiritual regeneration and renewal. However, in a more contemporary space and global space ‹Shakara› is an intercultural fusion aimed at promoting cultural exchange and transnational communication.

Name: Akbar Khamiso Khan
Country: Pakistan
About: Akbar Khamiso Khan was born in Hedar Abad in 1967. His father was the great Pakistani musician Khamiso Khan who played “algoza” which is an instrument used in playing folkloric Pakistani melodies. It is similar to a double flute, which is played by placing 3 fingers on each of its sides to produce unique melodies. It is used by the folkloric Benjabi singers, as well as by musicians in the United Kingdom to preform contemporary Benjabi music. The best musicians who played it were the Professors Khamiso Khan, Meseeri Khan Gamali and Akbar Khamiso Khan.

Name: Forsan Al Makabeel
Country: UAE
About: Forsan Al Makabeel (Al Makabeel Knights) is a martial arts band that was established in 1990 by the Poet Abdullah Al Makbali. This band is specialized in performing Emirati folklore. It realized much success both locally and internationally upon participating in several international festivals where it presented the Emirati oriental heritage which the UAE is trying to preserve, develop and promote internationally. The band has produced musical albums contributed by great poets and well known composers. The band performs martial art or “al rizka” which is an oriental Emirati art performed by the Emeriti people in their private events, such as weddings and national days. In the past this art was performed during war time in order to entertain the soldiers during the tough times. Martial rizka is the dance of courage performed by using swords and rifles to show the performers’ skills and to express nobility, victory celebration, courage and defending the tribe. This type of art is only performed by men.

Name: Georgia University Band “Mirany”
Country: Georgia
About: Georgia University Band “Mirany” was established in 1934. It is supervised by the great Georgian artists Timoraz kobakheedz and Nino Lazishefly. The band has performed in over 30 countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Syria, Turkey, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, India, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece and France. It also performed in successful artistic tours in Italy, America, Cyprus, Qatar, Estonia, Germany and Egypt. It won the grand award in the Bursa International Folk Dance Festival and the International Syrian Festival. It also gained several awards in local Georgian Festivals. It earned the membership of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

Name: Sudan Group for Folk Songs - Satoona
Country: Sudan
About: Satoona is a Sudanese singer and actress born in 1962. She graduated from Sudan University for Science and Technology, Secretary Department. She also studied theatre and music at the Theatre and Music Institute where she performed in many plays. She was declared as the best folkloric singer in Egypt in 2009, besides being one of the most famous henna artists in the Arab world. She was declared as the Queen of Henna Nights by an Egyptian minister’s wife. She participated in many international festivals in Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and others. She was the Cultural Secretary of Khartoum South Cultural Club for music and singing in Sudan. Having a great role in promoting Sudanese folkloric singing all over the world, she was called the Sudanese Folklore Ambassador.

Name: Nubian Drums and Folk Instruments
Country: Egypt
About: The group was established in 1990 by Entisar Abdelfattah after a long tour all over Egypt’s different governorates in attempt to uncover the secret behind the uniqueness of the Egyptian character. The journey ended with the formation of a folkloric orchestra to include a selection of the most important traditional musical instruments such as the mizmar (oriental flute) from Sharqiya governorate, the salamia from Minufia governorate, the rababa (Arabian fiddle) from Upper Egypt to present a panorama expressing the Egyptian cultural heritage along with the Nubian defuf (drums). Owing to the group’s great success, several Egyptian ministries nominated it to present artistic shows on the margin of events held abroad.

Name: Toshka Group for National Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The group was established in 1997 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Nubian Museum in Aswan for presenting shows that reflect Nubian arts and heritage with a view to preserving such heritage. The group comprises members from different Nubian villages including Al-Fadki and Al-Kenzi. The group is affiliated to the Public Authority of Cultural Palaces. Although the group’s shows present spontaneous arts, nonetheless, they embody all features of life in Nubia. Since its formation, the group has participated in all national events held in Aswan and several cultural and international events held in Egypt’s different governorates. The group has represented Egypt in a large number of international events abroad as well, such as Burgas International Festival in Bulgaria, Mauritius’ celebration of its 40th anniversary, Words Marathon Festival held in Toulouse France, besides other events in Eritrea, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Austria and Check Republic.

Name: Alarish Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The group was established in 1979 by the Public Authority of Cultural Palaces upon the Liberation of Sinai to express the traditions of 12 main tribes from which diverge around 72 sub-tribes living in Sinai Peninsula. The group presents a large number of artistic shows expressing Sinai cultural heritage, including Sinai weddings, ‘mahabish’ dance, which portrays Sinai cafes and coffee preparation, ‘daheya’ dance, ‘marwasy’ show, which is a popular musical instrument among Bedouins since time immemorial, ‘fishermen’ show, ‘Arichi wedding’, Bedouin wedding, celebrating birth, Sinawi dabka, the quail show, tackling quail hunting and ‘the harvest’ show. The group became a ‘national group’ and took part in several festivals in Egypt and abroad, such as Ismailia Festival in 1983, Italy in 1991, Rome in 1993 and Turkey in 1994. It earned first position in Qatar Festival and took part in festivals in Bulgaria in 1997, Aqaba in Jordon in 1997, Bursa in Turkey in 1997. It gained second position in Sarajevo in Bosnia in 1999, in Linkata in Greece in 2000, Spain in 2000, Tozeur in Tunisia in 2002, Italy in 2003, Timgad in Algeria in 2003, Bella Russia in 2005, Algeria in 2006, Cyprus in 2007, Turkey and Slovenia in 2008, South Korea in 2010, Ecuador in 2013.

Name: Port Said Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The group is affiliated to the Public Authority of Cultural Palaces. It was established in 1964 to represent the Suez Canal zone. It comprises 56 members with 24 in the folkloric instruments subgroup and 32 in the folk arts group. [SAME AS MALAWI GROUP] The group’s unique shows emerge from life at sea and fishermen’s lives in general and largely depend on the simsimia instrument (a pentatonic scale instrument resembling the oriental guitar of pharonic origin, which resembled the harp). The group takes part in most local cultural events and has represented Egypt in several international art festivals, including in Greece, Armenia, Malta, Russia, Croatia, Cyrus, Begium, France, Jordon and Turkey.

Name: Al-Sharqiya Band for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: It is one of the most important folkloric groups in Egypt. It was established in 1968 and is affiliated to the Public Authority of Cultural Palaces. Its shows reflect Egyptian cultural heritage in general and that of Sharqiya governorate in particular through magnificent dances and performances. The group represented Egypt in several international festivals and won several rewards. Of its most important dancing shows are those of Sharqiya wedding, gypsies, chandeliers, celebrating birth and horse shows. Sharqiya governorate is popular for its Arabian horses and is considered one of the chief markets for raising and selling horses.

Name: Al-Anfoushy Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: It is affiliated to the Public Authority of Cultural Palaces. It was established in 1985 in Alexandria governorate at Anfoushy Cultural Palace to preserve Egypt’s cultural heritage in general, and that of Alexandria governorate in particular. It became a national group that represented Egypt in several competitions worldwide. It began as a group of amateur dancers, musicians and coral. Today, it performs over 30 folkloric dances reflecting the features of Alexandria and Egypt as a whole. It comprises 38 dancers and 28 musicians. It participated in several local celebrations and Alexandria’s national holiday, as well as national and international festivals.

Name: Sohag Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: This band is affiliated to the General Authority for Cultural Palaces. It was established in 1970 and is composed of 60 members. The band’s dances represent the heritage of Upper Egypt, using the dialect, melodies and movements of this region. It participated in several festivals, international events and cultural weeks. The most important dances they perform are Al Kholkhal (The Anklet), Bayaeen Al Enab (The Grape Sellers), Om Alaswer (The Girl with the Bracelets), Al Asaya (The Stick), Al Farah Al Sohagy (The Sohagy Wedding), Al Falaheen (The Farmers), Al Sayadeen (The Fishermen).

Name: Ministry of Youth Band for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: Within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy for developing conditions for youth, improving their skills in terms of culture and art, boosting economic conditions for them and developing individual and group talents, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has participated in the International Festival of Drums and Traditional Art, sending over Port Said Band for Folk Arts. The Band, inspired by Port Said’s folklore, earned the first rank in the Creativity, Culture and Art Festival held by the Ministry of Culture under the title «Egypt’s Personality» in 2014.

Name: Hassaballah Band Cairo in One Thousand Years
Country: Egypt
About: The band was established in 1860 by Sergeant Hassaballah. It is one of the very few folkloric groups originating from Cairo and one of the landmarks among Mohamed Ali artists. It performs celebrative music close to military style and it became associated with Egyptian traditional celebrations. Recently Entissar Abdelfattah had them join Hewar Foundation within the framework of his project to maintain ancient Cairo’s historical arts (Cairo in 1000 Years) and revive the band’s arts.

Name: The Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture
Country: Nigeria
About: It was established in 1978, and is the overall policy organ of the State Government in the administration of Arts and Culture. It is a social service government parastatal which acts in advisory capacity to Government on all aspects of Arts and Culture; officer Consultancy Services to the Public and Private Institution on Culture; acts as commission Agency for Artistes and related interested groups. The main thrust of the Council for Arts and Culture is designed to express and execute the Cultural Policy for Nigeria in four broad categories of preservation of culture, promotion of culture, presentation of culture, and the establishment of administrative structure and provision of funds for its implementation. International Exposures: Pan – Africa Festival (Panafest) Ghana – bi-yearly festival - since 1999 to 2009, India, Tunisia, Atlanta – USA, Brazil, France, Mexico, Japan, Czech Republic, Cuba – 2010, Venezuela (CIOFF) – 2011 and LAVASA-India – December 2014 etc.