Name: Aetogiannis Group
Country: Greece
About: “Aetogiannis” Cultural and Educational Group started its activity in the '90s with courses, events, shows, performances, seminars, exhibitions, publications, etc. in Crete and Athens (Capital City of Greece).All its performances are money-free and the members of the association receive the courses just by paying a symbolic amount of money. Special exceptions and discounts are made for students as well as for families with for children. It has taken on, too many important events such as Opening and Closing ceremonies of Pan-European or World Championships, International Cultural events, the Olympic Games Flame Ceremony, Hollywood’s Productions etc. Greek and International Television networks have produced documentaries and special tributes for “Aetogiannis Group” Art & activities.

Name: Terakes Group
Country: Greece
About: The Cultural Folkloric Society Orestiada "THE THRAKES" was founded in September 2006 with the mood of the group rather than the individuality of a group of young people who love tradition and have to preserve our cultural heritage, record of popular legends and traditions, customs and traditions and their revival with the most authentic form. It has given over 40 performances in Thrace, Macedonia, the Cyclades and abroad. Organizes and conducts events with traditional issues such as revival of customs, traditional carols Christmas-New Year, Epiphany, Easter and Lazarus, carnival events, dance events, participating in various dance festivals and abroad, participation in international conferences related to culture and tradition, book presentations and costume Thracian, Thracian cuisine and many other activities. Its main purpose is to promote and revive the tradition through various events and happenings.

Name: National Band for folk Arts "AlRawah
Country: UAE
About: Alrawah Band is first Emirate folk group, and its foundation dates back to 1980. although it shows all the folk Emirate arts, it is specialized in what we call AlRawah folk art, which is one of the Emirate mountain folk arts. AlRawah folk art is performed with the company of drums, that have fast and hot beatings. The band took part in many national and local occasions. It has been also the best representative of united Arab Emirates in a lot of international festivals and artistic exhibitions in addition to the cultural Emirate week which was organized all over the world, In: Syria, Kazakhstan, Spain, and artistic events in Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Portugal, Turkmenistan.

Name: Destan Folk Dance Community
Country: Turkey
About: Destan Folk Dance Community was established in the year of 2008, and aiming to develope, protect and save the cultural heritage of Denizli and promote “Denizli” in various ways. In the all festivals and competitions, our community has represented Denizli and Turkey, in an excellent way. Our ideal and biggest target is to serve in best way to “Turkish Folk Dance Life” and to share this Works with inhabitants of Denizli to have a common interaction platform. We will keep serving to Turkish Folklore with our good relations and cooperations with Culture and Tourism Ministry, Turkish Folk Dance Federation, Schools, Universities, and with other accredited clubs.

Name: Alsalt young women Band
Country: Jordan
About: Alsalt young women band is from Jordan, it's compound from 25 girls including the chorus,the soloist, the dancers and music players. The band has been founded in 1994, it aims at maintioning the Jordanian folk heritage and folklore, as well as showing and marketing the Jordanian folk heritage in the Arab and world countries by throwing light on its importance. The dancers are characterized by their own costumes, which represent the particuliarity and heritage of Jordan in general and Salt area in part icular. The group dancers participated in most Jordanian national festivals. and many international festivals, notably: Germany, America Karawlinaa, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Libya.

Name: Nashama Horan Band
Country: Jordan
About: The band was founded in 1999 in Irbid That lies in the Northern part of Kingdom of Jordan by a group of Youngman for the pupose of preserving the Jordanian folk heritage and informing the world with it. In 2003 it was accredited by Jordanain ministry of culture as cultural organization for preserving Jordanian folk heritage and promoting it. The band has different groups a group of children, a group of youngmen and a group of musicians and famous singers in Jordan. Many artistic dancing performances are given by the band the most prominent ones are the harvesting, Jordanian wedding and Dhabka.

Name: hadramot group for drums & haratige
Country: Yemen
About: The band is one of the most traditional yemen groups specialized in playing drums. The drums are used to express Hadrami folk heritage in all its types starting with deserts and mountain traditions and habits. The band is characterized by fast rythms and a number of remarkable dancers perform the Yemen dances accompanied by drums.

Name: Amenouveve for Draditional Arts
Country: Togo
About: No one can ignore the importance of culture and that of general music in particular, in the panouissement of the human being. Veritable way to vehicle messages of various kinds, music is also an attic precious conservation and cultural values of each identity of Community. Based on this observation, year (2007) Artistic International Amenouveve AAIA was born back its founder Mr. OLUFADE Adessondji Felix when its art turns into all over his native TOGO. He had met several troops, companies and associations in traditional artists with talent to do good international and national festivals. Back to resident city, he created Association (AAIA). It has a training center for musicians to help the Modernization of African rhythms; motivate Togolese to interest to folk music. Make famous African music, especially of the Togo to international scale In his palmary, performance has participated many seminars and workshops for artistic and national .It had had awards, Primes and certificates of each turn. It is always ready to represent his country in any condition, because it has talented artists, professionals and also materials, accoutrements, costumes and instruments. The Association is recognized by the Togolese authorities.

Name: Ahl Al Blad Group
Country: Algeria
About: The folkloric association called Ahl El Blad (TERRIOR MEN) has been founded on April 28th,1994. It is due to develop cultural and traditional richnesses: regional and popular dancing. It is compound from 235 members ans divided into specialized workships whose the most important is the training of young ,en for popular dancing especially RAI. The association presents different dansings from many regions. ALAOUI, NEHARI, HEDDAOUI, CHAOUI, SAF,TERGUI, STAIFI. These dancings express and show diverse costumes and traditions as well as a part of our country. Dancers use traditional material such tomborine; flute, gombri; gaita; guellal, et bendir … etc

Name: Christoph Nicolaus(The stoneharp)
Country: Germany
About: The stoneharps are made out of very dense and hard granite. By specific ways of bowing the lamellas with wet hands the stone is stimulated to swing and produces a range of Low and high pitched sounds. These somehow spheric sounds can be modulated and played alone, or more, or all together. And they can be played very long or short. Christoph Nicolaus (The stoneharps) presented his performances all over Germany, in Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Darmstadt.. in addition to several places around the world achieving great success – among others: California, Los Angeles, Casablanca, London, Barcelona, Valencia..

Name: Mohra Asadollah Group
Country: Azerbaijan
About: Mohrah Arif Asadollah was born in 1982 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, in a musical family that was keen for her to receive an academic musical education. She participated in Bura Vatandir festival in 1996 and won the first prize for voice along with more other prizes in the same year. She participated with a number of local and international artistic bands. She was famous for introducing the national Azerbaijani music, especially the Sufi music.

Name: Yad Band for drums
Country: Iraq
About: Yad band was founede in 2010 by a group of youngmen players of tambourine and percussion instruments. The players belong to ALSolymaniyya governorate , Kurdistan region , Iraq. It is the only band specialized in playing tambourine and percussion instruments. The players take part permanently in all religious and national festival and ceremonies in which the tambourine and percussion instruments play the main role as a folk musical heritage. In the last ten years the band started to found a school for teaching youngmen how to play traditional musical instruments to preserve folk heritage.

Country: Ecuador
About: An organization was founded in Equador by this name in 1986 to perform folk dances and play traditional Equadori music in Koto Pax , the region of West Indies . This artistic performance (Libertad Indiana ) was promoted by experiences and cultural researches and the theatre shows are full of Equadori Indian rythms which represent the history of Equador for the purpose of reviving the Equadori folk heritage through simple dancing movements done by citizens.

Name: Frans Dimbare Group
Country: Namibia
About: these are Hambukushu songs with the singing in Thimbukushu. these performances used to be performed by our ancesstors during the cultural activities, ceremonies and events such as: marriages, poundings, death, harvesting, initiations, healings, birth, hunting. The group is going to perform songs and dances of the Hambukushu and Kavango at large. With the aim of preserving, promoting and to pass it on to the generation to come.

Name: Ras Rani Group
Country: Maldives
About: Ras Rani Group performs Traditional Maldivian Dance items with local instruments which represents Maldivian Culture at very best. The group has performed beyond borders of Maldives at several countries . The group comprises of both genders and has been much dedicated in presenting Maldives within country and abroad for its touching and humorous dances cultural performances.

Name: Professor Dr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal & Ustad Raza Shaukat
Country: Pakistan
About: Tabla reflects light music and its rhythmic accompaniment in folk tales gives the best touch. Two drums of different sizes are used to complete its musical rendition. Professor Dr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal, Head, Department of Musicology, National College of Arts is heading the Pakistani troupe. He is a committed musicologist and classical vocalist. He has developed an innovative performance when a Tabla player is playing a leading role this is completed by another player on harmonium and vocal performance. Usually, Tabla performance is given with Harmonium but Dr. Zafar Iqbal has modified it with the vocal rendition so that audience could wholly involve themselves in the performance. Accompanied musician is Ustad Raza Shaukat. Son of late Ustad Miyan Shauk Husain (Pride of Performance) is a great Tabla soloist. It is an exceptional performance in which a soloist derives his energies from his inner character, whereas the art of duo demands the very opposite of the performer. It is the ability to restrain his own performance and use it only to bring out the singer’s talent. He is teaching in Musicology Department of National College of Arts and Music Department of the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Name: Sri Lankan National Group
Country: Sri Lanka
About: The Traditional Sri Lankan musical orchestra is known as Pancha Thurya Nada. Theses fifth of the orchestras futures indigenizes drums. Accordingly to the current usage the Pancha Thurya Nada is as follows, •Atata-Drums played with hands. •Vitata-Drums played by sticks. •Vitatata-Drums that use a stick and hands. •Ghana-Metal instruments such as symbols gongs. •Susira-Wind instruments, Conchshell, flute and traditional horns. The drums are mainly associated with traditional dance forms and Buddhist religious Ceremonies. Getaberay, Pahatarata beraya, Dawla and Tammettama are some of the main Drums frequently used in dances and other Ceremonies. In the northern parts of the Sri Lanka the Indian Drums such as the Mridangam and tavil are popularly used for dance and temple music.

Name: Les Ballets Africains
Country: Guinea
About: Les Ballets Africains is the national dance company of Guinea and is based in Conakry, the focus of the company is to promote traditional African dance and culture. Founded in Paris in 1952 by Guinean choreographer Fodéba Keïta, Les Ballets Africains toured successfully for the next thirty years. After Guinea was granted its independence in 1958, they became “The National Ballet Ensemble of the Republic of Guinea” in 1959. They are unanimously considered as the most important dance company in Africa enjoying a prestigious success during their career that has lasted more than sixty years.

Name: China Modern Youth Orchestra
Country: China
About: China Modern Youth Orchestra is an artistic group which is characterized with the Chinese national musical instruments performing. The Orchestra is applying itself to the development of the spirit of Chinese folk music, and expanding the charmness of the nation. Since its establishment, the Orchestra has accelerated many excellent music works, with its charming and vivid styles the superb and refined playing skills, together with the ingenious dancing, fully expressed the combination of the time-honored tradition and modernness. In the recent years, the Orchestra has always been on the way of innovation. The Orchestra often present on the stages of national TV stations, and even gave performances in the arena of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as well as the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai as the performing guests. The artists were invited to give performances in South Korea, Isreal, Egypt , Poland and Hongkong and obtained high praises.

Name: Mayof Band
Country: Kuwait
About: Mayof Band is founded in the beginning of sixties and it was composed of 25 to 30 dancers. At first the band was dedicated to singing only but the love of the founder Mayof for the sea folk dances drove him to choose a group of dancers to perform these dances. The band was recognized by Kuwaiti Social affairs ministry as an official group and at this it began to show the performances on t.v and broadcasting. The fame of band increased and the dancers traveled to Gulf countries and foreign states.

Name: Galtas y Tambores De San Jacinto Group
Country: Colombia
About: Group was formed in 2000 in San Jacinto Bolivar, by musicians Orlando Yepes and Rafael Castro, the main objective is the preservation, promotion and dissemination of traditional music of the Montes de Maria, mainly Cumbia. Gaita is a long flute from Colombia caribbean region, this instruments give the name t the band ¨Gaiteros¨, rythms of gaita music are: gaita, porrro, cumbia, puya, bullerengo, wiche make part of the traditional music from colombia. In the last five years GAITAS Y TAMBORES DE SAN JACINTO has performance at most important festivals and venues of World Music such: 2007: Parque El Retiro Madrid Spain, Forum de Barcelona, Spain, Latinoamericando Festival, Milan, Italy, Fiesta Latina Festival, Roma Italy, Notti al castelo Festival, Bari Italy, Festival International of Cuneo, Cuneo Italy, Edegem Folk Festival, Edegem Belgium. Latino Queens Festival, N.Y: USA, Bienal of World Music, Quito Ecuador, Zolfreie Bucker Open Air, Basel Switzerland, Open Air casino of Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland, Sala Clamores, Madrid Spain, , Sala Colonial Norte, Madrid Spain, Stimmen Frstival, Loerrach.

Name: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
Country: Bangladesh
About: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is the national academy of fine and performing arts. The academy was established in 1974 as a statutory organization under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The academy is headed by a Director General. The overall direction for the functioning of the academy is provided by an Executive Council (Shilpakala Academy Parishad) headed by the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The Director General of the academy is responsible for its administration. He is also responsible for the implementation of decisions taken by the council. The duties and responsibilities of the academy include promotion of the arts and national culture and creation of necessary facilities for their development. The activities of the academy also include organizing workshops, seminars, discussion meetings, short-term specialized trainings, providing scholarships and financial grants for talented artists, organizing competitions in the various field of fine and performing arts.

Name: Rapai Geleng Group
About: Rapai Geleng’s name is combined from two words. “Rapai” and “Geleng”. Rapai (rapa-ee) is a special kind of tambourine used to accompany songs and dances. It is made from wooden frame, with a pair of small metal jingles fixed on it. One of its sides covered with leather layer. “Geleng” itself is an Acehnese word which means “to shake one’s head”. Rapai Geleng dance has three main sections. First section is greeting. In this section the team is asking for permission to start the performance. Starting with Islamic greeting such as “Salam alaikom”. Then, second section is the “body” of this dance. Usually contained the messages or any other song suited with the occasion. At the last section, dancers asking for permission to leave, and apologizing for any mistakes made in the show Rapai Geleng movements basically consist of four types; slow, quick, rapid, and silent. These types of movement describe the dynamic rhythm of life in any community.

Name: Folklore Ensemble “Akzhelen”
Country: Kazakhstan
About: Original pearl among creative collectives of the Atyrau regional philharmonic society is the national ensemble of folklore music. The Folklore Ensemble "Akzhelen" is created in 1991. The ensemble "Akzhelen" acquaints fans of music with the best samples of the Kazakh tool music created by national composers of Kurmangazy, Tattimbet, Tylendiyev and others. The deep understanding of executed products, strict following to national traditions, highly professional skill, virtuosity, have put forward at once ensemble in number of leading creative collectives of the Atyrau region philharmonic society.

Name: Cununa de pe Somes
Country: Romania
About: The cultural-economical and administrative centre of Bistriţa-Năsăud county, has experienced in the last decade an extraordinary growth, which included it in the sphere of Romania’s great cities. The proud, lively people that occupy these areas from ancient times, have given birth to a lively Romanian culture full of optimism, with an impressive variety, richness and beauty and which, from generation to generation, have passed over, with the piety and the responsibility specific to our entire people, this precious treasure of the Romanian people, namely folklore. The ’ Someş Crown’ folklore assembly, which is a model for the Bistriţa chief town and for the Bistriţa-Năsăud county, was founded in 1968 on the already existing structure of an assembly created in 1952. With a new orientation when tackling with the choreographic repertoire// and thanks to the judicious exploitation of the exquisite folklore potential that our county offers with generosity, the top management of the Municipal Cultural House of that time provided all the conditions for this assembly to be a representative one for the town, the county and the country, which was in fact confirmed along the more than 40 years since the documentary attestation of the assembly bearing this name.

Name: Nubian Drums and Folk Instruments
Country: Egypt
About: The group was founded in 1990 by the artist Intisar Abd Alfatah after a long journey to many different regions of Egypt for the purpose of identifying the unique features of the Egyptian personality. Therefor he formed a folk orchestra composed of folk musical instruments representing different areas of Egypt for example Alrababa instrument, upper Egypt, Alslamiyya, Almonofiyya governorate, the flute, Alsharqiyya governorate and these instruments express a complete panorama of the folk heritage of Egypt. The band has succeeded in many places so a lot of Egyptian ministries nominated it to give artistic performances in international festivals.

Name: Toshka Group for National Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The group was established in 1997 on the occasion of Nubian museum inauguaration in Aswan in the purpose of preserving Nubian folk heritage and protecting it from losing. Members of the group are Nubian villagers representing Nubia as whole ( Alfadky – Alkanzy) The band belongs to general organization of culture palaces. Although the program of the group is constrained to natural arts it has a lot of performances which depicts the life in Nubia. The band takes part in many local and International festivals and ceremonies the most important one is Porgass international festival in Bulgaria.

Name: Alarish Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The band was founded in 1979 by the general organization of culture palaces to express and observe the tradition and habits of 12 tribes and 72 clans living in Sinai. A very rich program of artistic performances that express the Sinai folk heritage is shown by the band including the Sinai wedding, Alma…. Dance that manifest how to prepare coffee and Aldehya dance …etc Afolk Sinai musical instrument is played during the performances which represent Sinai heritage. The band took part in many festivals and ceremonies national and international such as Roma festival 1993,Turkey 1994 and got the second prize in Spain 2000., Greece and Sarayvo, Bosna 1999

Name: Port Said Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The band belongs to the General organization of culture palaces and it represents Suez Canal region in the festival. It was founded in 1964 and it comprises more than 56 artists, 24 dancers and 32 folk musicians. It is known by showing folk traditions adapted from the life of sea men and fishers. The band participates positively in most local ceremonies as it represented Egypt in the international festivals such as Greece, Armenia, Malta, Russia, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Turkey and Jordan.

Name: Malawi Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: The band belongs to the General organization of culture palaces and it represents Suez Canal region in the festival. It was founded in 1964 and it comprises more than 56 artists, 24 dancers and 32 folk musicians. It is known by showing folk traditions adapted from the life of sea men and fishers. The band participates positively in most local ceremonies as it represented Egypt in the international festivals such as Greece, Armenia, Malta, Russia, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Turkey and Jordan.

Name: AlSharqiyya Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: IT is one of general organization of culture palaces bands. It was founded in 1968 to show the Egyptian folk heritage in general and Alsharqawi folk heritage in particular. The performances given by the dancers of the band express the arts and traditions of the governorate. It represented Egypt in many international festivals and acquired several world prizes through folk dances clearing out the governorate traditions such as Alsharqiyya wedding, horse and the candle …etc It is well known that Alsharqiyya is famous for raising Arab original horses and is considered one of the most important markets of horses buying and selling

Name: AlAnfoushy Group for Folk Arts
Country: Egypt
About: it is one of the general organization of culture palaces bands and it was founded in 1985 at culture palaces of Al Anfoushy, Alexandria Governorate. The band is compound from a group of youngmen (dancers, musicians and chorus) It was accredited to represent Egypt in the International festivals and ceremonies Many dancing performances were given by the band that represent the traditions of Alexandria and Egyptian folklore The backbone of the band is 34 male and female dancers and 25 musicians, It took part in many festivals inside and outside Egypt

Name: Hasballah Band
Country: Egypt
About: Hasballah band was founded on 1860 by the sergeant Hasballah The band performs the folk heritage of Mohamed Ali street and Cairo traditions unlike other groups. At the last period the artist Intsar Abd Alfatah has cobinated its performance with these of AlGoury Dome center of creativity so as to preserve the arts of old historic Cairo. The music of the band is military.