Ain Shams University Ensemble for folklore and show performance arts


It is one of the most important teams at Ain Shams University. The national team represented the university honorably in Egypt and abroad. It represented Egypt at the China-Africa Forum in 2018; in the presence of the Egyptian President, the Chinese President, and 22 African presidents. The group has a distinguished participation in Ibdaa Festival, which is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The performances are designed and directed by artist Hassan Shehata the General Administration of Youth Welfare, under the auspices of the General Director of Artistic Activity Mr. Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, under the general supervision of Mr. Mustafa Issa, as well under the auspices of Dr. Tamer Rady Advisor to the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, in addition to Vice President Dr. Abdel Fattah Saud, and the President of the University Prof. Mahmoud Al-Matini.

8th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts