The National Folk Art Ensemble


It is considered one of the most important and oldest folk arts teams in Egypt. The date of its creation was established in 1960 by a decision by the Minister of Culture at the time. The aim of establishing the band was to root all popular dances, including customs and traditions. The band performed in more than 100 countries, and contributed with its calibers in support and establishment of more than 80 folklore groups in the provinces of Egypt. It participated in dozens of festivals and events outside of Egypt, including the International Tourism Festival in Spain, the Dakar Folklore Festival in Senegal, the Damascus Theater Festival in Syria, the Spring Festival in Iraq, the Conference of Kings and Presidents of African Countries in Addis Ababa, the Arab Festival in Tetungen in Germany, the Walt Disney Festival in America, South Korea, Sicily Festival in Italy, UAE. The group has won dozens of awards in several international festivals. The band has recently been keen to write down its artistic heritage and has established an artistic library with tapes for its popular music performances collected from the regions, documentaries, images, and a huge archive for publicity and publications for its performances inside and outside Egypt.

8th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts