Reda Folk Art Ensemble


The band was founded by artist Mahmoud Reda jointly with artist Ali Reda, and artist Farida Fahmy, and the band presented its first performances on the Uzbek theater in August 1959, and Mahmoud Reda designed the band’s dances which are inspired by the countryside’s arts, coastal arts and wilderness arts, and has to direct them under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Fahmi. In 1961, a republican decree was issued to include the band in the Ministry of Culture, which made the band belong to the country. The band moved between theaters and many places, most recently the balloon theater. The band toured the world, and took the first place in most international forums and festivals, which was attended by most of the kings and presidents, and presented about more than 3,000 performances in Egypt and the world on the world›s largest theaters, including: The United Nations Theater in New York and Geneva, the Olympia Theater in Paris, the Albert Hall Theater in London, the Beethoven Theater in Bonn, the Stanslavsky Theater in the Soviet Union. It has also acquired numerous international awards and major international participations. The band has starred in a number of movies, including: Half-Year Vacation, Love in Karnak, Paper thief, Second Man.

8th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts