Youth of the Yemeni Cultural Center Ensemble in Cairo


The group was formed under the supervision of the Yemeni Cultural Center in Cairo, and it includes a number of Yemeni youths residing in Cairo. The group›s activities vary between singing, playing instruments, religious chanting, drawing, media, and other fields.
The ensemble presents colors of Yemeni singing, representing the diversity of the Yemeni geographical environment, between coasts, mountains, and plains, as well as its different cities.
The group is interested in presenting folk arts that express the Yemeni identity, through dances, songs, costumes, and ornaments. It aims to introduce the ancient Yemeni heritage by presenting it in international forums. The group has performed in many events and festivals held at the Yemeni Cultural Center in Cairo, and has participated in many international events that celebrate the world cultural heritage.

8th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts