The Bangladesh Embassy in Cairo for Folklore Art Ensemble


The Ensemble consists of Al-Azhar University students and the Bangladeshi community residing in Egypt, and it was established with the support and supervision of the Bangladeshi Embassy in Cairo; to introduce Bangladeshi heritage arts, preserve cultural customs and traditions of the scholars, and introduce them to those who are interested in Egypt. The band’s participation in the activities of the current session of the International Festival of Drums and Traditional Arts, as its first official appearance in an international festival.
As the members of the band belong to different regions of Bangladesh, its artistic program is characterized by great diversity, and its members are keen to present the various traditional arts for which Bangladesh is famous for; the most prominent of which are the songs known as: Powell, Morshidi, and Patiali. The band also performs various folk dance in Bangladesh such as Kathak and Bharatnatyam.

8th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts