First international Work Shop

Opening Ceremony

All bands and groups will participate in the opening ceremony where the epitomes of folkloric arts and heritage from Egypt and from all over the world will be honored, with a special tribute to Ethiopia and Mexico the Festival’s guest of honor.  All bands will participate in sending out a message of peace… in love of Egypt.


Second international Work Shop

Celebrating Africa The Land of Drums

In celebration of Africa, the land of drums, a grand international workshop will be held on April 22nd, 2017 at Beir Youssef Theatre headed by the Director of the Festival. It will include all the participating African bands plus some other foreign bands

representing their continents. We will celebrate the United Nations Mother Earth Day.

Third international Work Shop

Children’s Workshop

A free workshop for children organized by the Director of the Festival Entissar Abdel-Fattah will be held to educate the children about music and folkloric arts of different countries from all over the world. The workshop will be held at the Children’s Museum in Heliopolis and it will cater for many children with special needs

Fourth international Work Shop

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the International Festival for Folk Drums and Arts will fall on April 25th, which is Sinai liberation day.  The Festival will celebrate this event with Egypt’s friends from all over the world through the participating bands.