Nathan Doss


As strong as a rushing river in cultural life, the Aswan international
symposium for sculpture was born. It is considered the oldest in the
entire region, its founder, the great artist Adam Henien, known for
his charismatic personality, enriched the cultural and artistic life.
Throughout his long-life journey and till the end, he proved himself.
According to his vision, Henien set up his museum in Harraniah and
displayed all of his works in it. Henien’s death left a great void in the
whole world but his museum will continue to enrich cultural life. We
proudly dedicate the 26th edition of his symposium to his soul.
This year’s edition serves as a barrage that holds the water into the
river of culture to give new energy to the run and walk of art.

Nathan Doss
General commissaire

26th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium