Baher Abu Bakr Hassan Abdul Latif


Holds a Bachelor of Art Education 2003.


 Holds a master’s degree in Art Education 2009 with a specialization in sculpture - Helwan University.


 Holds a PhD in Art Education 2015, majoring in sculpture - Helwan University.




 Lecturer of sculpture, department of stereoscopic expression - Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University.


 Technical Posts /


 Collective exhibition "We are Fein", Hall of Ahmed Bassiouni, Faculty of Art Education, 2003.


 Collective exhibition "The Illusion of Freedom" Hall of Ahmed Basyouni, Faculty of Art Education, 2004.


 Collective exhibition of the twenty-eighth plastic arts, Helwan University, 2004.


 The Sixth Pottery Forum "Qena" 2004.


 A group exhibition for faculty members, Faculty of Art Education, Hall of Ahmed Basiony, 2005.


 A group exhibition "From the inspiration of the journey of the Holy Family," Abdel Moneim El Sawy Culture Wheel, 2006.


 Collective exhibition "Ratib Siddiq", Cairo Atelier, 2007.


 The 19th Youth Salon 2007.


 Collective exhibition "Contemporary Sculptures", House of the Nation Center, 2008.


 Collective exhibition "Inspiration from the Coptic Heritage", The Museum of Coptic Art, 2010.


 The Twenty-First Youth Salon 2010.


 The 23rd Youth Salon 2012.


 The First Sculpture Forum, Fine Arts in Minya 2017.


 The Belgrade University Symposium, Russia 2017.


 Collective exhibition "Ay Al-Abed" Astraka Hall 2018.


 Exhibition "Agenda" of the Library of Alexandria 2018.


 Art Creators Salon 2019.


 Nout Sculpture Salon, Season 3, Nout Hall, Zamalek 2020.


 Special exhibition "Cocoon" isis hall, Mahmoud Museum 2020.


 Collective exhibition "Class of 2003" Azad Hall 2020.


 A special exhibition "transformation Ahmed Shawky Museum 2020."


 Exhibition of Adam Hanin Sculpture Award Works, fourth session, "Adam Haneen Museum 2020. Prize


 Exhibition "Post-Corona Festival" Gallery 2020.


 Collective exhibition "Christmas" Hall of Note 2020.

Special exhibition gallery dai 2021

26th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium