Sylvain Patte


1977, Belgium is a visual artist, who initially studied ornamental carving.
Later on he got intrigued by other art disciplines such as dance and design, where he got inspired by the beauty and balance of motions. Observing also nature and architecture led him to a particular way of stone carving, where keywords such as ratio, strength and proportion form the common artistic thread. His work, starting from 2007, consists out of carved stones where each sculpture is given an unlikely shape and where the eye is struck by its malleability, impossible position and equilibrium. His practice and obtained skills in this particular research of improbable balance, energized his latest work. He takes part in différents International symposia, Belgium, France, Italy , Canada, Turquie, Saoudite Arabia, Égypte, New Zealand, India, China and his sculptures are excitied in différent city in the world. Last projects:  Commission memorial for the commemoration of Georges Price, the last soldier for the war 1914-1918  Award nomination for the sculpture " Signature of Life" for "HUMAN AND NATURE" Zhengzhou / China 2019 Macadam gallery in Belgium exposes his work

26th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium