Maisoun El- Zorba


B.Sc.  Fine Arts: Alexandria University-Faculty of Fine Art.

   “  Sculpture Department - Open Air Sculpture Division.”

-General Estimation: Very Good with Honor (Graduation project: Distinction).

Participated at Several Exhibitions, Forums (local and Abroad)

Artist’ Concept:  

 Design and plastic Vision of the Artist:

Most of El-Zorba‘s works, are depending upon the element of the figure and the bird. This would be achieved through manipulation of various blocs that combine: steadiness and movement, relaxation and tension, attraction and repulsion…variation and harmony, of the movement axes. Then, there would be variations in multi directions, which in turn would confirm the values of kinetic rhythm in the surrounding space, in its various forms, either it would be exterior around the bloc, or a space within the fabric and system of surface’s formation, that contain the sculptural mass.

 The kinetic concept pf El-Zorba’s endeavor, would assert a continuation and permanence in the act of continuous inhalation , which make us feel a mystic aura, that is set free, facing the wind, meanwhile, maintaining its kinetic balance, and  its harmonic rhythm values, which are always developing as a mutual relationship between movement and balance.

26th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium