Mohammed Reda Mohammed el - Sayyad


- BA of Art Education - Helwan University - Very Good Grade with Honors 1997.

- Master of Art Education - Faculty of Art Education - Helwan University 2001

- Ph.D. in Art Education - Sculpture Department - Faculty of Art Education - Helwan University 2006

- Assistant Professor Sculpture 2013

1) International Technical Posts:

- Sharjah Arab Calligraphy Biennale, United Arab Emirates, Third, Fourth and Fifth Session 2008-2010-2012 - 2018

- Sixth Folk Pottery Workshop (2004) and Seventh (2006) in Qena.

- Simbozim the first international sculpture in the Arab Contractors Club 2017

- Simbozim International Sculpture at the University of Belgord - Russia 2017

Special exhibitions:

 - Exhibition in the prominent sculpture of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Conference Center (Western Exhibition Hall) 2009. - Exhibition in the prominent sculpture, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center 2009. - Exhibition in Sculpture, Cairo Atelier - Mohammed Naji Hall 2012. - Exhibition in Sculpture, Al-Jazira Art Center- Al Hussein Hall Fawzi 2013. - Exhibition in Sculpture, Cairo Atelier - Hall of Greetings 2016. 2) Local Collective Exhibitions: Participated in many national exhibitions including: Youth Salon, Association of Fine Arts Lovers, Ghoury Artists Association, National Exhibition of Fine Arts. - Noor Al-Shakal exhibition at the Palace of Arts 2004 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina Exhibition 2009-2010. - Exhibition of small pieces in Mukhtar Museum 2010. - Creative Experience Exhibition, Shaheed Ahmed Basiony Hall, Faculty of Art Education 2011

- 1st Salon of Artists of Haram City, Palace of Arts 2013

- Exhibition of the Faculty of Art Education 2015

- General exhibition 2016.

Awards and Certificates of Appreciation:

- Sculpture Prize in Kamal Obaid Competition, Faculty of Art Education, 2003-2004.

- Third prize for composite work - Youth Salon 2005

- Certificate of appreciation from the Supreme Council of Antiquities to oversee the activities of the Golden Pharaoh of children in the fields of sculpture and photography for the years 2005 and 2006.

- Certificate of Appreciation from the Authority of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in the State of Kuwait to supervise the teaching of the course of ceramics and Islamic sculpture in the Ministry.

- Certificate of Appreciation from the Sharjah Biennale for Arabic Calligraphy Third Session (2008), Fourth (2010) and Fifth (2012). - Certificate of appreciation from the University of October for Science and Arts to participate in the effectiveness of raising the face of Ramses II. - Award of the first Sculpture Sculpture of the Arab Contractors Association 2017. 1)


 Collectibles in entities and individuals including: - Museum of Modern Egyptian Art. - Bibliotheca Alexandrina. - Ministry of Culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt. National Bank of Kuwait

26th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium