Liu Yang


Liu Yang was born in north of China,  he completed with a bachelor's degree in food science and economic management at university.

He engaged in sports news reports in newspapers as a supervisor, then the most famous talk show in China national television office director. But sculpture has always been his favorite, in the recent five years, he has successively took part in more than 50 symposiums, in more than 24 countries, and more than ten of the sculptures are more than 5 meters high, he is the most active and the most influential Chinese sculptor in the world.

A series of his works show the soft rope change hard stone, this is an ancient eastern thought. Another series of works show the relationship between the colorful characters and the geometric form, emphasis on public art simple communication.

As an international sculptor, his achievements in the field of international art and as a TV host, as well as in the clothing design, outdoor sports, documentary, best-selling writing aspects, let him in his country by the media and public attention for a long time, he is a kind of fashionable personage.

22th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium