Name: Jon Barlow Hadeson
Birth: Born in United States Of America 1945
Country: USA
General: Univ. Georgia Intl. Studies Dbrool; Conjona, Italy- Duthun__2000.The Carving Studio, Proctor, VT: Visiting Sculptor_1987_1988.Antioch University Yellow Springs, OH: Assistant Professor_1980_1980.Wright State University, Dayton, OH: Adjunct Instructor_1976_1977.Stephens College, Columbia, MO: Assistant Professor_1975_1976.Wright State University, Dayton, OH: Adjunct Instructor_1975_1975.Royal Drift Gold Mine, Magalia, CA: Supervisor & Equipment Fabricator_1972_1974.California Institute of Arts, Valencia, CA: Graduate Teaching Assistant_1971_1972.Ralph M. Parsons Co., USAID, and Dakar, Senegal: Field Supervisor_1968_1969.
Prize: Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation_1996.
Armagh Arts Council, County Armagh, North Ireland_1995.
Europos Parkas, Vilniaus, Lithuania_1994.
Professional Development Award, Ohio Arts Council / Lithuania_1994.
Dunaferr Steel Co., Foundation, Dunaujvaros, Hungary_1993.
Partners of the Americas, USIA / Brazil, Project / Travel Grant_1992.
Professional Development Award, Ohio Arts Council / Italy_1985.
Lusk Memorial Fellowship, Institute of International Education Italy_1982.
Florence, Carrara & Pietrasanta / Stone & Bronze Study_1983.
Projects Grant, Ohio Arts council_1978.
Qualifications: Antioch University, (Japanese). Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, (Italian). California Institute of Arts, Valencia. Study of Tai Chi Chuan with Marshall_Cal Arts. Assist Sculptor Charles Ginnever, Putney. Stuttgart State Art Academy, Stuttgart. Dayton Art Institute, Dayton. Aspen School Contemporary Art, Aspen. Master of Fine Arts_California Institute Fine Arts_1972. California Institute Fine Arts.California Institute Fine Arts 1971. Bachelor of Fine Arts_Dayton Art Institute, Dayton_1975.