Religious Chanting Division National Folk Music Ensemble


The Religious Chanting division of the National Folk Music Ensemble was established in the Folk and Performing Arts Sector in 2002 with the aim of spreading the praise of the Prophet and presenting the religious songs with innovative melodic sentences based on musical instruments such as oud, kanoun, flute and violin. The ensemble made their first performances at the Cultural Forum of the General Assembly of the Book and participated in many festivals. One of them was the 14th castle chanting festival, the ensemble was supervised by Dr. Ahmed El Kahlawy, Dr. Salah Mustafa, Dr. Ahmed Refaat, and was directed by the artists Mohamed Baher, Ehab Abou El Enein, Maher Ebeid and Dr. Osama Zaghloul.

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 15 Round