International Peace Message Group Message of peace and dialogue of peoples


The group was established by the artist Entissar Abdelfattah in 2008 as part of his civilizational project to use spiritual music and chanting to bring cultures closer and to send out a message of peace from Egypt that would reflect the civilization, tolerance and uniqueness of the Egyptian character. The group performs a unique piece of art where the voices of different groups unite and merge in a humanistic moment, namely the Coptic Hymns and Tunes Group, Indonesia Chanting Group, the Church Hymns Group (Acapella).

Day after day, new groups join in from different countries and continents across the globe to send out a message of love peace and tolerance to the rest of the world.

We wish that all groups participating in Samaa International Festival for Spiritual Music and Chanting from Africa, Asia, Europe and Austria and the USA join Resalet Salam Group to perform an international Sufi mass in which everyone would take part, that would be performed across the globe to reiterate human communication, love and tolerance, which are at the core of every religion.

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 11 Round
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 12 Round