The church chants


its service started in 2008, which was established by Alshaikh Dr. Samy Saeed Salama.

the artistic side is directed by the maestro Mr. Nayer Nagy, the vocal trainer is Mr. Sherif Aldabea, along with a bunch of chanters from the golden era who volunteered to train in the choir that consists of both men, women and youth. The service aims to: 1. deepening the tradition of chanting in Anglican churches in Egypt and saving it.

2. lifting the standards of Anglican church chanting in its content, church music, and the performance that should be suitable for prayer.

3. bringing to life what people from the church presented through the generations, from chanting organizing to composing its music.

4. encouraging the present generation of the church to write chants with a rightful meaning towards God, and putting the right music for it.

5. portraying an image for what prayer and chanting should be in our churches and festivities

6. encouraging all Anglicans to enjoy listening to chanting that has a well studied content and music as well as prayer.

this service belongs to the Egyptian Anglican church with its different sects.


Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 11 Round