Alsaha Alradwa’eya band for religious chanting


Founded by Alshaikh Zein Alabeddien Ahmed Radwan in 1965. The band includes a lot of beautiful voices, and it got famous for chanting poems written by very famous poets like: mr. Abbas Eldeib, mr. Alazab Bash, Alaref Bellah, Alshaikh Saleh Algaafari, etc..

The band also includes the following members: - Mr. Mostafa Mohamed Sabri (chanter) - Mr. Mostafa Mohamed Abdelsalam (chanter) - Mr. Radwan Gomaa (chanter) - Mr. Gaber Ahmed Altaher (chanter) - Mr. Montasser Omar (chanter)  - Mr. Diaa Salah Mokhtar (chanter) - Mr. Abdallah Youssef Gouhar (chanter) - Mr. Mohamed Othman Ahmed (oud instrumentalist) - Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Game' (flute instrumentalist) - Abdallah Ahmed Mohamed Bersi (choir)

Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Elshaweesh (tambour instrumentalist)


Alradwanya Arena in Luxor

this blessed place was established by Al aref bellah Alshaikh Ahmed Radwan in the 30s of the last century, to be a platform for knowledge, guidance, work, piety, love, and spiritual elevation.

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 11 Round