The Sobaa'eyya (Sevenfold) Group for Religious Chanting


Rashy team for the Coptic hymens was established in St. Mary Church in Road Elfarag at 2003, it consists of 25 one of young men & young women who have beautiful voices, interested in maintaining the Coptic heritage & the church hymns that call for peace & love between people, in addition to the prayers of the church. Rashy in the Coptic language means Rejoice, O Mary. The team has good voices that have the ability of the individual performance.


The participating in The International Samaa' festival for spiritual music and chanting is the first participation outside the church. The artist, Ensar Abdl-Fatah has chosen them as they considered one of the teams that maintain the distinct Egyptian Coptic

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 10 Round