El-Radwan Syrian Group for Spiritual, Andalusian and Sufi Chanting


The group was established in Damascus in 1981 and masters different types of spiritual chanting such as Andalusian, Turkish, Egyptian, Iraqi, Moroccan and Arab Gulf styles. It only uses percussion instruments for its performances. It received a golden prize from the Ministry of Endowments.

The Group participated in many international chanting festivals. It has also produced several spiritual clips and tableaus that are broadcasted on several television channels and websites. The Group also took part in several television interviews including on Mehwar Channel, CBC, Al Nahar…etc. on religious occasions such as Prophet Mohamed’s birth anniversary and Ramadan.

El-Maraashly Group has recently settled in Cairo and performs in numerous cities in Egypt and abroad.

It is distinctive for being a family group, that includes the father and his children who are mostly graduates of or professors at musical schools and institutions. The Group contains around 17 members among which is the father and the leader Abdel-Kader El-Maraashly (solo+ base) and his sons Mohamed Radwan (choir + soprano) and Mohamed Safwan (choir+ base and contro).

Sessions :
  • The International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting - 10 Round