Eljawhara ‘Jewel’ Group from Saudi Arabia for Folkloric Arts and Heritage

saudi arabia

Since its establishment in 2005, the Group participated in almost all domestic events and some events abroad. It contains performers from different parts of KSA with their great diversity. This renders the group unique, as the performers from each area reflect the finest details of folkloric dances, thereby preserve heritage, while adding fine touches and developing traditional costumes.  Some of the local events in which the Saudi group participated are the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Elganadria), Tourism Activation Festival (Abha, Elbaha, Jeddah), Riyadh Holidays Festival, reception of official delegations with folkloric dances. The Group participated in events abroad in each of Berlin, Germany, the UNESCO in France, Brazil, Turkmenistan Azerbaijan, Egypt, Japan, Moroco, UAE, Korea, Canada and the UK.

6th round of The International Festival For Drums Traditional Arts