Personality of the festival - Farouk Hosni


The artistic minister and the

National Cultural Project

Farouk Hosni is the former Egyptian Minister of Culture, where he held this position from 1987 until 2011, and is considered one of the most important fine artists who obtained a master's degree in arts from Alexandria University. He held many important positions like: Director of Al-Anfoushi Culture Palace in Alexandria, Director of the Office of the Minister of Culture, Deputy Director of the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome, Acting Minister of Information and Minister of Culture.

He ran for General Manager of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2009, and he had many cultural and civilizational achievements in the world. His most important achievements are the restoration of the Coptic Museum, the restoration and expansion of the Museum of Islamic Art, the construction of the Great Egyptian Museum which is the biggest Egyptian museum in the world, the restoration and renovation of the old building of the Egyptian Book House, the opening of a new building for the House of Books and Documents, The National Museum of the Egyptian civilization in Fustat, the establishment of a fund for cultural development, a campaign was launched to engage in libraries and offices around the world, and the establishment of cultural, artistic and professional events, and the establishment of cultural exchange between Egypt and other countries. During his reign, the National Campaign for Reading for All was launched and mobile libraries spread throughout Egypt along with various cultural and artistic activities, activating cultural exchange and cultural agreements between Egypt and the world, Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater, National Festival for Egyptian Theater, Ismailia Folklore Festival, Samaa International Festival for spiritual music through his enthusiasm and support for the national and international project Resalat Salam ensemble, which started with Samaa ensemble and school that combines the Islamic and Coptic heritage in 2007 in Alghuri Dome with the aim of emphasizing the uniqueness of the Egyptian persona. Which was sent as an extraordinary ambassador to the different countries of the world, and then inaugurated to establish Samaa International Festival which has become of an international importance to the dream of the Interfaith Forum in St. Catherine and the Interfaith Complex in Cairo, the project of the Arab cart traditional theatre, many festivals and cultural and artistic events.